We now operate a mail order sevice for our customers who are finding certain sets hard to purchase.

Mail order conditions

Please Post orders with correct payment to

"A Call to Arms"
33 Grange Crescent
North Thamesmead
SE28 8EX

we cannot accept orders for less than six boxes at a time.

Six boxes will come to:

£28.80 plus 13% postage for the UK

For the rest of Europe please add 15 for postage

Other countries please add 25% for postage

Orders will not be sent if incorrect postage is added to order


Payment methods

All payments must be made to 'A Call to Arms"

For UK Cheques and postal orderd only

For Europe and other countries International Money Order,

International bankers draft. ALL PAYMENTS must be in sterling

We do not accept any credit cards


Please allow 28 days for delivery.



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